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Featured Business

Miller Publishing Limited

Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Publisher at Miller Publishing Limited, Roshane O. Miller is one of the Caribbean’s most innovative and dynamic forces in publishing today. The 22 year old read for a degree in International Relations with Minors in Education and Human Resource Development at the University of the West Indies, Mona. Though having a love for diplomacy, since age nine he knew that he would be in publishing.

Miller boasts success as the President and Editor-in-Chief of the Jamaica College Magazine Committee and Griffin Magazine, the past Editor-In-Chief and now Consultant at ON Deck Magazine, based in Massachusetts, U.S.A. He has also been a freelance editor on many projects in Jamaica, across the region and in the United States.

Young Adult Fiction is his forte and he has researched this area, having had consultations with high school students across Jamaica and studying diversity in expression across many islands in the region and many places across the United States and United Kingdom.